"Without institutionalized competition and exploitation, a person’s self­ interest overlaps with the interests of her community and her environment."

Peter Gelderloos, Anarchy Works (via mr-sir)

Primitivism with Modern Technology: How to Achieve Our Natural Tendencies with Modern Technology

I am an anarchist that frequents the internet,  being so I am subjected and influenced by niche sets of anarchist ideologies with different adjectives: anarcho-communism, vegan anarchism, green anarchism, anarcho-primitivism, christian anarchism, and the list is seemingly endless. I merely consider myself an anarchist, I mix and meld ideas from the different ideological sects of anarchism. This post is directly influenced by Transhumanist anarchism and Primitivism (ideals seemingly in direct opposition).

This blog post will surely please transhumanists more than the primitivists because like the majority of anarchists I am not interested in the reactionary ideal of reverting back to a nomadic hunter-gather, however there are ideals that primitivists espouse that should be taken into consideration. Our body isn’t adapted for civilization.

Agriculture and industrialization is the cause of the health epidemic, issues of obesity, poor cardiovascular health, and others. Our ancestors were hunter-gathers, it is only in the

minuscule neolithic era that this form of living has been abandoned by the mass majority of population. Agriculture has lead to humans eating grains, and industrialization has caused even greater health risks by introducing more sugars and processed foods that our bodies are have not adapted to eat. Our ancestors gathered fruits, vegetables, and hunted animals that produced meat  (which allowed for our brain to increase in size). Our ancestors diet was extremely protein dense, it did not include in vast quantities carbohydrates, sugar, or any processed foods. Thus it is common sense that eating a more protein dense diet is more advantageous than what we have now.

 I am not advocating that we get rid of agriculture or industrialization, I am advocating an approach to agriculture and industrialization that acknowledges evolutionary science so it can be used to enhance the standard of living for all. At this time, it is a privilege to eat in a manner I have laid out, healthy meats and organic produce are vastly more expensive than processed slop, that is why to meet this ideal the means of production need to be controlled by the class of workers and put to work for the class of workers.

Another aspect of who humans are has been extremely dismantled with civilization and especially industrialization (again not advocating primitivism), this being our need of leisure and creative nature. Paleolithic humans had vast quantities leisure time that is unparalleled to neolithic people even early agrarian based cultures. This leisure time was filled by our creative urge: cave drawings, making jewelry, creating tools and inevitable the creation of civilization. Modern society and especially during the industrial revolution, this creativity was stifled. Again, I advocated the control of society in the hands of the class of workers and the means of production were working for the people, this unprecedented amount of leisure time could be recreated and enable again our vast creative nature leading even further to our development. David Graeber elaborates on this in his article "On The Phenomenon of Bull Shit Jobs". 

In order to resort back to normalcy of a better diet and more leisure it is not needed and rather more ideal to progress toward a society where technology and agriculture are made with the understanding of our ancestral habits and are controlled by the working class.


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